"I drowned myself in soap
In attempt to get rid of any evidence that you had ever laid a finger on me
In attempt to make my body forget
In attempt to give my mind amnesia
I drownd myself in soap to get rid of you
To get rid of your smell
Your touch
Any evidence of you at all
But the soap wasn’t strong enough
So I swallowed it will pills
And then
You were gone"

— Me and my friend do a “game” where we send each other random photos of things and we have to write poems about them, she sent a photo of soap, and Ye… Xxxx (via flur-de-lur)

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Reasons to have sex with me
-Oliver Tate


Reasons to have sex with me

-Oliver Tate


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words from exes pt.1

words from exes pt.1

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making eye contact with a band member during a concert is my favourite thing

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"I am fucking insane but my intentions are gold and my heart is pure."

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I don’t go thru ppls pictures on their phone cause I wasn’t raised in the jungle

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